Heavy Duty Pallet C7.2

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Heavy Duty Pallet C7.2

Developed for transport in ISO freight containers, the Endur C7.2 leaves no empty storage space.

The robust design provides inherent impact resistance and a load capacity of up to 1250 kg in the high rack. This pallet is optimal for use in automated conveyor systems. Besides the 3 runners version, the pallet is also available with 6 runners and can therefore be used for block stacking.

The pallet comes with an open or closed upper deck.

Technical Data:

Int. Dimensions 1140 x 1140 x 165
Weight 22,50kg
Colour Black
Part Num. HEAVYC7.2

Load Capacity:

Static 5000
Dynamic 2500
Rackling 1250

Technical Data:

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